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> My mission is to make people better at English.

> I carry out my mission in three ways: I teach English, I perform, and I write.

> I teach English because I love the language and I love people. I don’t know where my love comes from. Maybe I inherited it from my parents. Not sure. But when I am teaching you, I am looking into your eyes and sucking the story out of you. I cannot get enough of your passions, your flaws, your eccentricities, your excuses, your breakthroughs. They are my life blood.

> I perform because when my soul is weary, when my spirit is being bludgeoned, when my hope is gone, standing on a stage, singing a song, or telling a story, or hosting an event, takes me back to my center. It reminds me that I want to live and that I have plenty to give.

> I write because words are my nourishment. I never stop writing. There are words zipping around in my head, all day, every day. In fact, I often see the sentences being typed in my mind’s eye. It’s like a visualization thing. Sometimes it drives me a little ‘crazy’, but once I have the chance to sit down and put the words to paper, I am saved. I have published one book, one album, and written more songs than I could remember. I really love to write lyrics.

> I would do all these things for free, but I got mouths to feed and a mortgage to pay so you know the drill.


> I was born and raised in the United States.

> The best thing about being American is the freedom to express myself however the fuck I want to.

> The worst thing about being American is that we are the most misunderstood people on the planet and we rarely get a chance to explain our mistakes because non-Americans have a tendency to believe their TV screens.

> I am totally uninspired by money. Really, I couldn’t care less. I understand that I need it to do stuff, but I just think money is really boring.

> The last playlist I made on Spotify was for a Gorillaz album called Laika Come Home.

> I check my phone a lot. A whole lot.

> If you wanna see me at my best, come see me on a stage. I feel completely at home up there.

> If you wanna see me at my worst, come see me when I’m hungry and haven’t slept enough. At times like those, I am a fucking incorrigible man.

> I say fuck a lot. Truth be told, it’s my favorite word in the English language. So versatile. So expressive. Yes, it’s a little tired, so it needs to be used properly. You can’t just throw the word fuck into every sentence. Where’s the art in that?

> I’m good at golf, which makes me proud because golf is a hard game to be good at.

> I live in Holland and I love it here. I love the way Dutch people go a little bit bonkers when Spring is approaching and everybody craves the sun and gets so excited. I love the subtle beauty of the dunes on the coast. I love the handsome, gabled buildings and the gentle curve of the canals. I love the pretty Dutch woman riding bicycles. I love that Holland is a place where language still matters. I love Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and the van Gogh museum. I love that the Dutch national football team has made it to three World Cup finals but has yet to win the trophy. I love that the rest of the world hears the Dutch language and thinks ‘yuck!’, but that I speak that ugly language.


> I like style but I don’t give a shit about fashion.

> I shave my head every other day. I just stand in the shower and shave everything above my neck all at once. Sometimes I’ll cover my head and face in bright white shaving cream and then step out of the bathroom, naked as a jaybird, and scare my little boys. They just laugh and laugh their little hearts out.

> I taught myself to play guitar after having a few lessons from my friend Adam Terrell. I can’t read music which still makes me insecure about my musical abilities. My songs are pretty simple. Just a few chords and some good lyrics.

> I’m a loner. I don’t have any problem with that at all.

> I’m a pleaser. I’m working really hard not to have a problem with that.

> The last movie I saw in a theatre was Mees Kees Op Camp.

> I won the 1988 New Hampshire State Basketball Championship as a member of the Oyster River High School Bobcats. I was the shooting guard and we kicked ass. I’m really proud of that one.

> I have lived in Europe since 1993. I can’t imagine ever moving back to the United States. Not because I don’t love America. I do. I just prefer Europe.

> I believe the only good reason to do anything is love.