By David Mangene, 24 March 2020, Utrecht – the Netherlands.

Ostrichus Headinthesandus.

Hello again my fellow quarantinos. Fresh news from the Dutch government last night – no gatherings until June 1st, 2020. Hooray! That means your favorite author has no work until that time. Chances are good that you’re in the same boat. Are you? How does it feel? How are you coping? What is your plan?

As I write about in How To Not Kill Yourself, Tip number 4: Mind Your Money, my normal approach to all matters financial is to stick my head in the sand. Bad business model. With that in mind, today I began the necessary process of looking into each and every governmental action and fund available to people like me who’ve lost their gigs in the culture sector. If you’re feeling the squeeze too, I feel your pain.

On a brighter note: the President of the United States of America wants to open the country for business in 15 days. He’s risking the deaths of millions of Americans but goddamnit, the US of A is a country that should be open. I’m sure it’s a tough call, but this one seems a stretch for even the Great Orange Menace.

Hope you’re doing ok,


2 thoughts on “DAY NINE.

  1. Midas van Dijk

    Hi David,

    How about organizing online webinars? Best of luck in these trying times.




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