By David Mangene

Hello again. I’m pretty sure that, by now, you didn’t even realise it was day 416,241. You most definitely had lost track. If it’s any consolation I had to count the days too. And here we are. 416,241 days. Damn.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve settled into some kind of ‘new normal’ routine. By now you’re using, or at least familiar with, Zoom, Teams, FaceTime, Zencastr, Whereby, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’m not great at computers but even I have accepted these platforms. I will say this – please take designer Tom Ford’s advice on looking good for online meetings. He seems to be the only one paying attention to this. I am certainly guilty of the bad lighting, bad background, camera angle to accentuate double chin – do you do it too? Follow his tips and we can all stop looking up each other’s nostrils. Feel free to call me vain, but Mr. Ford is most definitely on to something.

Several days ago I put out the feelers about online lessons. Since then I have started several new courses. Today I invite you to consider improving your English because now is the greatest of times, and this stay-at-home thing is far from over.

So… If you’re ready to start improving your business English now, here’s what you get if you start doing lessons with me:

  • more confidence speaking English
  • more vocabulary words
  • better grammar
  • less steenkolenengels

Here’s how the process works if you choose to improve your English with me as your teacher:

  • step 1: an intake which takes about 15 minutes. We determine your level and talk about how you can get better. The intake is free of charge and/or obligation
  • step 2: We start the lessons. Depending on your ambition/budget/time available, we do one-on-one sessions once a week for 60 minutes.
  • step 3: We work on getting you to actually speak by building your confidence and speaking.
  • step 4: At the end of the session you get coaching and feedback and after the lesson I send you a whatsapp photo of the notes and give you a homework assignment that will take minimum 15 minutes.
  • step 5: your English gets so good that you win the Nobel Peace Prize and dedicate the award to your amazing English teacher. Ah, how sweet.

Here are the conditions if you choose to work with me:

  • you do the lessons one at a time, as if you were taking a class at a gym or doing a yoga class
  • You can quit at anytime
  • You can keep going as long as you want
  • This is a special “corona time” deal, but it will carry on as long as you want it to carry on.
  • I provide the lesson materials. All you need is internet and a pen.
  • We schedule the lessons together, at a time that suits us both.

How much?

Here’s the deal: you have to contact me if you want to know. I’m not going to put my fee online, so if you’re serious you’ll write me a mail at

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay strong,


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