By David Mangene

Carolien and I right after her show, ‘t wordt nu laat.

Lemme start by asking you this: when was the last time you planned your evening around the Prime Minister / President giving a press conference to bring you up to date on the pandemic? Unless you personally experienced the Spanish flu of 1918, I’m guessing the last time was fucking never.

We’ve done it three times in the past week! You too? How ’bout it, kids? Is this shit a whole lotta dystopia or is it just me? I swear to Christ I feel like I’m living in an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale (If you haven’t seen it go do yourself a favor during the upcoming lockdown).

I’ll tell you this: I’m a proud member of the ‘gig economy’ and I’m quite possibly up shit’s creek without a paddle, economically speaking, given the present Corona situation. Which, of course, leaves me a couple of options:

  • promptly shove my head in the sand and start drinking heavily.
  • wake up early, meditate, do yoga, and chill the fuck out.

Nope. It’s not gonna be one of those. It could be a little bit of both, but I’ve got a better idea. I’m gonna try to pick one little thing every day that gives me hope in these dark days and share it with you. And it ain’t gonna be easy, on account of me being a pretty negative dude. If my life had a motto it would be this: the light at the end of the tunnel is a train.

So there’s that.

But this apocalyptic, end-days scenario we find ourselves entrenched into calls for some deep digging. No matter my inclinations, I can find something to be hopeful about. Today I found something to be hopeful about from last week.

Last Thursday night I got to be a guest on Carolien Borgers’s amazing radio show ‘t wordt nu laat’ (It’s getting late, in English). OMFG – what a joy! We talked about my new book. We talked about life. But most of all, we talked about the music, the songs that have been significant in my life. It’s a simple concept and it really works. I was moved to my very core. Dominique was there too and she even took the mic for a few. We had a blast and I’m still enjoying the buzz it gave me. My eternal gratitude to Carolien, Marloes, and Mirjam for making it possible. If they stay in the radio business there will be plenty of hope to go around.

Now it’s your turn. What’s that one thing that makes you hopeful, despite the impending doom? As long as we’re not six feet under there’s gotta be something.

If you’re looking for something to pass the time you could always pick up a copy of my book How To Not Kill Yourself (in Dutch. English coming soon). If anything, it’ll take your mind off the germs for a few short hours.

much love,


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