By David Mangene

Here’s what I’ve learned so far: no matter what, I’m gonna try to make life funny. My journey has thrown me plenty of curveballs and I’ve found a way to turn my pain into gain. Here’s how:

PUBLIC SPEAKING – Truth be told, the only place I really, really know what I’m doing is on a stage, talking. I’m up there, sharing my stuff, warts and all, and I’m loving it. I do it because inspiring you inspires me. It’s why I get out of bed. Check out my TedxTalk on breaking taboos around mental health.

PUBLIC SPEAKING COACH – Public speaking, does it scare you too? I’ve been speaking to live audiences for 30 years and it still makes me wanna puke. But I do it anyway because afterwards people say nice things like “wow – David, that was really inspiring. I’m touched.” And I don’t even have to pay them to say it. As far as I’m concerned, public speaking comes down to confidence, authenticity, and vulnerability, so that’s what I coach.

OMDENKEN TRAINER – Omdenken – The Dutch Art of Flip-Thinking. We travel the world doing shows that teach people to flip problems into possibilities. Why? Because human beings aren’t very good at flipping problems. We’d rather remove pesky problems AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! At Omdenken we believe in a different way. We say yes to problems and accepts them as facts. From there we create new possibilities. If you’re interested in booking Omdenken for a show contact Omdenken HQ in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

BUSINESS ENGLISH TEACHER – I started teaching English at the world famous Taleninstituut Regina Coeli in Vught. After 9 years I started my own business called House of English. I immediately fell in love with teaching English because it helps people connect with each other and opens doors to a bigger world.

DAGVOORZITTER – You have an event and you need someone to grab a microphone and lead the troops. Ideally, you’ll want someone with wit, spontaneity, decent personal hygiene and the ability to show up on time. I’m your man.

PUBLISHED AUTHOR – I’ve published two books: Nooit Meer Steenkolenengels in June 2012 and How To Not Kill Yourself – Tien Tips Voor Moeilijke Tijden in February 2020. Every day, once I’ve climbed out of bed, I make myself a latte and write my morning pages. Writing is the way I make sense of our frantic world.

PODCAST MAKER – We make a podcast called How To Not Kill Yourself. I invite guests to have hopeful conversations about mental health because it helps to break taboos. You can find it wherever you listen to your podcasts.

STAND-UP COMEDIAN – We gotta laugh to keep from crying, am I right? I’ve been doing shows for a long time and I’m currently writing my new 60 minute show entitled How To Not Kill Yourself. If I can support you in any of these areas, send me a message.

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